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Note the “Bob’s Lock & Key” stamping on the ignition key. I shot this car in California’s Central Valley, but it appears to have originated in Pennsylvania. That makes its zero-rust/zero-dents condition even more remarkable. Most five-year-old cars …

Midwestern states like Indiana, Illinois and Michigan have suffered some of the highest year-over-year gas price hikes in the country because their refineries recently switched over to the summer blend, which reduces emissions and improves air quality in …

New Value Brand Heating and Air Conditioning Installation PricesAccording to Superintendent Dr. Jorden Schiff, the district is still working out how it can address its air conditioning problem, even after having contracted an AC provider to install three 25 … come with an unbelievable price tag," Mahmoud said.

No one has made a formal move to remove the “Hiawatha” statue in Riverside Park; however, the debate ignited Wednesday continued Friday morning as the city’s Arts Board reviewed the results of its listening session earlier this week. Several people …

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Mike Crochunis, press officer for PennDOT’s Engineering District 8, mentioned the project in a Dec. 21 email to The Sentinel … project to install a high-tension cable median barrier along seven sections of highway in south-central Pennsylvania.

The mortgage crisis, the banking meltdown, the spike in gas prices, and the unfettered baking of our atmosphere … on Craigslist or at the local "freecycle" site. They don’t use air-conditioning, yet the space remains cool and breezy.

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